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Jim's San Jose Carpet Cleaning

For many years, we have been the leading company in San Jose in providing cleaning services to our clients. It is through our professionalism that we

have been able to deliver the best services as our clients expect from us. Our company’s cleaning by our experts removes an average of 95% of the common allergens. Our carpet cleaning solutions are EPA safe, and the translates to safety for the environment, human beings, and also pets. During the process, our company ensures health and cleanliness are maintained. 

During our carpet cleaning services, hot water extraction cleaning is applied. The method is known as “steam cleaning,” which allows the removal of dirt, odors, and spots without any residue left behind. We do not necessarily use steam, as the method’s name suggests. The hot-water method ensures that the best results are obtained as agreed with our client. Our method of cleaning is verified and tested to ensure the services offered are of high quality and to be relied on. As a company, we have an understanding that our clients have a choice to take on which company to offer the work. So, we take our services very seriously and respect our customer’s opinions. All the recommendations that are given by the customers are taken seriously, and actions are taken where necessary to improve our services. Since not all carpet cleaning jobs is similar, we have measured our effectiveness to eliminate unwanted and unhealthy dirt from your home or office. 

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Some of services we deliver include: 

Cleaning and sanitization 

Our mission is to create a clean and healthy environment through our modified services provided by our experts. All of our disinfectants used in cleaning are EPA-registered meaning no issues concerning quality may arise. Wiping is done using sanitizers. The wipers used are approved, and no stains are left out. Most of the dirt that is found on the ground during cleaning includes viruses and bacteria. This is the reason why disinfectants are used to ensure they are done away with. Not only the disinfectants are used to remove the virus and bacteria, but also hard scrubbing is done to remove them. Some of the areas where these viruses and bacteria hide include knobs, door handles, rail countertops, tables, and other areas that are mostly touched. 

Carpet Cleaning  

In carpet cleaning, we use hot-water extraction methods. This method ensures no dirt is left behind during dusting and rinsing, and as a result it is highly recommended. 

Grout and Tile cleaning  

Grout and tile cleaning is essential. Dirt that is found in grouts will never be removed by regular mopping, and this is where we come in to provide help. We are specialized in cleaning tiles and grouts keeping them dirt free. 95% of dirt is removed from tiles and grouts, and luster tiling is replaced as an additional service our company offers. 

Upholstery cleaning  

In upholstery cleaning, we use the same process that is used in carpet cleaning. Hot water extraction is applicable in cleaning upholstery and the furniture. Your furniture will look unused and extremely plush after we perform our services. 

Rug area cleaning 

Rug cleaning is not an easy task, and that’s the reason there is a need of using detergents such as Gentle, mixed appropriately. Our experts are trained in this area of mixing blends and in also restoring and cleaning area rugs.

Stone Cleaning  

Natural stains also absorb stains and need to be cleaned regularly just like carpets. We take care of them by cleaning them and preserving them so that they can look attractive and durable.   

Oriental Fine Rug Cleaning  

For more thorough cleaning services, we clean our rugs and natural fibers at our own personal facilities. Cleaning of those rugs cleans pet urine, removes pet odors, and also restoring the color of the rugs. All rugs are accommodated in our facilities regardless of their size.


Hardwood Cleaning  

Cleaning hardwood may seem easy, but making sure all the dirt is absent requires an expert in that field. Dirt settles inside cracks present in the hardwood. To ensure this dirt removal is permanent, hardwood scrubber is used to perform this task. The scrubber is automatic and uses hot water in removing dirt, leaving the floor dirt-free. 

Air Duct Cleaning 

The average home does a dirt collection of up to 40 Ibs, allergens, and dust each year according to research done by specialists. Our air duct cleaning services are capable of removing all these pollutants, improving the quality of the house. The method we apply is energy efficient and verified. 

Water Damage 

Even if just water is poured on your carpet, a lot of water can do a decent amount of damage and make a permanent impact on its appearance. We fix this by removing the remains of accidental spills. Our goal is to make carpets appear as dry, unworn, and new as possible. 

San Jose & the Bay Area 

Our efficient service allows us to offer competitively priced carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning throughout San Jose, CA. The Bay Area is comprised of the nine counties that surround the bay. San Francisco County, San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Marin County, Sonoma County, Napa County, and Solano County are all part of the Bay Area. The carpet cleaning industry has changed drastically over the past 30 years. We employ up to date techniques in performing carpet cleaning.  

We understand that our customers have taken their time in choosing the right carpet cleaning company and that’s why we have gone ahead to ensure our services are the best in San Jose. We recommend all people who live around the Bay area to consider our company as their only carpet cleaning company. Our long experience in this work has made us earn a good reputation in these areas. Our employees are highly trained and are given additional training to ensure they offer the best services to our clients.   

Daily accidents in the house like stains and spills are part of our life, and cleaning off the spills using local products from the market may not remove the dirt permanently. It is at this point where a professional is required to do their work. Every potential customer looks at a variety of qualities in a company to ensure that the services that will be provided will be of high quality. Some of the qualities include the following; satisfaction, reliability, accuracy, and guarantee quality. These factors are what our company has taken keenly and established services that include all these required aspects. 

Why let the dust and dirt around San Jose make your furniture look old before its time? Bring back your furniture’s original beauty and make it last longer with our carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions. Our effective and thorough carpet cleaning is safe and healthy for your family and pets. We don’t do the job in a hurry but rather do it within the time limit, ensuring all protocols are followed. Our main focus is not doing the job to an overwhelming number of customers, but to provide the best services to our clients and build a good relationship with them. 

Why Choose Us

Our cleaned carpets take a short time to dry because of the equipment that we use during cleaning. All of the machines that we use are of high quality and updated regularly. This minimizes the amount of water that our machines use, and hence the carpets are capable of drying faster than normal. We let our clients do inspections of the room to check if it is cleaned and they go through the carpet deep cleaning process. 



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